Joey Romley (Backup Johnny, Members Only), Kenny Reeves (best known for his solo work, Backup Johnny, and Woodrow), Michael Foster (Since July, The Bluffs, Liftonpoole), and Geoffrey Dyer (The Iron OutlawsSweet WilliamCrawdaddy) make up The Runaround. Everyone in The Runaround had worked with at least two other members of the group prior to the group’s formation in August of 2017, Romley and Dyer in Country Club, Reeves and Romley in Backup Johnny, with Foster occasionally filling in on drums, and Foster and Dyer in Liftonpoole. They bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds to this collaborative project, sometimes swapping instruments to better support different songs in different ways. Take a listenLet it Beast

Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): Tammie Valer, Micheal K. Chadburn, Robyn Dyer, Selfie Stick.